March 13, 2012

SQL Server 2012 General Availability

Did you hear it already?

SQL Server 2012 is here
Last week, SQL Server 2012 was released to manufacturing (RTM) and general availability is expected on April first – That’s right, on April Fool’s Day. Now, if you don’t want to wait until then, you can download a 6 months evaluation copy here, or from your MSDN subscription – if you have one of course.
With that out f the way, here are few links that are worthy your attention:

What’s new in SQL Server 2012. An overview of what’s is new or changing in each of the SQL Server products. You may find that not all changes are listed there, specially small ones.

SQL Server 2012 Books Online. Product online help.

SQL Server Database Tools. Do you remember Data dude projects and BIDS? well, now they are coming under a single roof called SQL Server Database Tools (SSTD), but still using Visual Studio shell – No! you don’t need Visual Studio licenses for it, it is free for SQL Server users. You can read SSTD Frequently Asked Questions, follow the SSTD’s blog  or read Books Online to get up to speed. This is probably the most exciting change for us database developers as it brings declarative development experience to the every SQL Server developer – believe me, something you want use if you take database development seriously.

SQL Server Data Quality Services (DQS). This tool is the new kid on the block and one of the componets the Entirprise Information Management (EIM) plataform. DQS functionality comes handy when dealing with data quality and cleasing scenarios where identity resolution and matching are required.

The licensing model and numbers of editions being offered are also changing. Although,  I am excited about a new BI edition being offered, you may find out that some features that are arguably BI hardcore features are included only in the Enterprise edition.

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