March 16, 2012

Got a New Team!

A really fun team!

A few weeks back, I took a big step and decided to change jobs. I joined one of the most talented and fun teams I have ever seen, where I get to hang out with Geoff Hiten (@SQLCraftman | blog), Melissa Coates (@SQLChick | blog) and Michael Oryszak(@next_connect | blog), all of them well known for their expertise and contributions to the technical community.  I also get to work for a company that thinks and breaths community support, that delivers solution using Microsoft technologies, and to top it off, takes client engagement and satisfaction to the next level.

So, where did I go, and what will I be doing? Thanks for asking! I joined Intellinet, as a Principal Consultant in the BI practice. This position  puts me back in a consulting role, and as a bonus I get to work from home – when not at client sites – which I am already loving!


  1. Congratulations and wish you all the best!

  2. Good luck for you new adventure Rafael

    1. Thanks David!I am very excited about this new role.


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