November 15, 2010

Denali CTP 1: What’s new in SSIS?

In short: A lot.
The first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the next SQL Server version was made available to the general public last week during PASS Summit. I am very excited about some of the changes coming from the BI side of the product, especially from the SSIS side. After seeing some of the demos at the PASS Summit, and playing around with the tool, I tend to group the changes in 3 major areas:
I will cover changes in these areas in more detail in subsequent posts. But in the mean time you can use the following links if you want to read more - or even play with it:

Denali Resource center (download, videos, sample DB, etc.):
Microsoft TechNet Wiki:
Denali Books on Line

Happy CTP!


  1. What a tease -- how could you post a new feature without saying -- we have UNDO and REDO :)

  2. Yes, Just a teaser. The real stuff is coming tomorrow. Undo functionality and multi-line annotations will be at the top of the list :)


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