September 14, 2010

SQL Saturday #51 write-up and Slide deck

This post in long overdue.
I had the honor to present at SQL Saturday #51 in Nashville few weeks ago, and would like to take the opportunity to give you my review of the event and post the slide deck I used during my session. This was my third SQL Saturday as a presenter, and once again, I had great time.Let me start with a big thank you to all the people that made this great event possible: The Nashville SQL Server Group, its leadership and its army of volunteers.
For me, the fun started the night before at the speakers cookout/dinner at Kevin Kline’s house. Kevin was very kind on hosting the dinner for speakers and volunteers at his home. Food and drinks were great and plenty, and it was a great opportunity to hang out with the PASS board of directors and other friends. The organizers set the bar way too high on the speakers dinner category.
The next morning I was at the event location by 7:15 AM as my presentation was scheduled for 8:30 am. That meant I had the increased responsibility of making sure attendees had a good start – and that that nobody would fall asleep! - The room was packed with 50+ attendees and the audience was very engaged through the talk. I was Half-way through my presentation when I noticed that I had some well-known SQL server experts and speakers in the audience: Wayne Snyder, Rushabh Metha, Douglas McDowell and William E. Pearson among others. The presentation was well received and I got very positive feedback from the attendees. I received 36 evaluation forms with same number  of 4s and 5s in 34 of them and 3s in the other 2.  5=‘great’ and 1=‘very poor’.
Here is a transcript of the 4 comments I got in the evaluations form:

“Great comfort level and pace, good explanation/justification”

“Examples were very helpful”

“Need more time”

“Great Job! Great presentation Skills, Thanks Rafael”

This kind of feedback is certainly encouraging and I am looking forward to speaking at upcoming events.
In case you are interested here is the slide deck:

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