May 18, 2010

Carolina Code Camp 2010 in review

The Carolina Code Camp 2010 is in the rear view mirror now. This year again the organizer team did a outstanding job gathering more than 40 technical sessions and labs that drew a crowd of more than 250 attendees. This year again, the organizer decided to open a SQL Server track where I helped with the coordination of the speakers and delivered a session myself. This is my second time speaking at the local code camp and had very good time in both occasions.

The venue was once again the Levine campus of the Central Piedmont Community College. CPCC has great facilities, very clean and with plenty of space for sponsors and opening ceremony. The only drawback I can find is perhaps the size of the rooms, as they cannot hold more than 35 attendees. This is not ideal for spotlight kind of sessions where a larger number of people are expected.

I got there just 45 minutes before my session that was schedule in the last slot of the day, as I was still recovering from a late return flight (1:00 am) from Sacramento where and had to finish up some of the demos. I wasn’t expecting too many attendees as my session was the last slot of the day (3:30 pm) and I got what I thought was a no very sexy topic: VS 2010 Database tools: Schema management. To my surprise, I got an almost full room (30 people approx.)! The session went very well and I got a lot of attention and excellent feedback that I will certainly use next time.

The last part of the day was full of cool giveaways that included a Xbox and a Filp camera and was a good opportunity for me meet people and to catch up with some of the organizers.

Btw, The guy in the picture with the sign in his back was actually looking to recruit developers for his new business. A quite interesting way to get the word out, and if you are looking for a job the code camp may be a good place to go!

The sign in his back says: "STARTUP NEEDS DEVELOPERS"

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