September 12, 2007

Where has Rafael been?

I have been working in couple of projects that have kept me away from my blog more time than I would have liked it. The first one was actually very interesting as I had the opportunity of working with Power Center 8, the Informatica data integration tool. Right at the beginning I thought it would be a sweet experience as I could write something about Power Center and how it compares against SSIS. After working with that tool for more than 5 months, I realized how tough would be to come up with a 'fair' evaluation, as there are many elements involved that makes an apples-to-apples comparison really hard. Anyway, I might blog about it in the near future.

Currently, I am working on a small scale dashboard project using ProClarity Dashboard Server (PDS), ProClarity Analytics Server (PAS) and SSAS. This is my first time working with ProClarity tools, and so far I have liked how quickly you can put together a view in PAS and make it available through a dashboard in PDS. But not all has been nice and smooth; I was very frustrated when learned that ProClarity does not support PAS objects deployment across domains (Only across server in the same domain). We are doing and in house development and will deploy in the client environment at some point. To add insult to injury, we discovered that the 'deployment' concept doesn’t even exist for objects created in PDS. At this point we are coming up with our home made deployment process for both PAS and PDS objects. I will post something about it as soon as we still running some tests.

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  1. cool. Looking forward to hearing about your INFA experiences.



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