June 19, 2012

Honored To Be Speaking At PASS Summit 2012

PASS Summit is the largest and perhaps the most influential SQL Server event in the world with more than 170 technical sessions and drawing 3 to 4 thousand people every year. Why I am telling you all this? Because, I was greatly surprised when I learned 2 of my submissions were selected, one of them as alternate,  for this year PASS Summit in Seattle.This is my first time presenting at such great event and I fell both excited and honored about making the list of speakers.
A big thanks goes to ,my employer Intellinet for sponsoring my trip there and to my team and coworkers for helping me refining the abstracts. Thanks Melissa, Leo and Laura!
TRACK Session Tags
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration Waiter, There's a Fly In My Data Accepted
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration SSIS 2012: What is in that project? Alternate*
*Alternate means that it has been accepted as an alternate session in the event that an accepted session is declined or canceled. 

Browse the full schedule in PASS website. I hope you can attend.
I will see you in Seattle!

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