April 24, 2008

Blog Traffic Statistics

In a recent conversation with a few fellow SSIS bloggers, we said it would be cool if we could share some traffic stats of our blogs, and perhaps compare what are our most visited posts. I thought that would be interesting, but I had a problem: my blog is hosted by Blogger, and as far as I knew, Blogger did not offer any sort of stats. Then, I decided to do a quick search, and Google Analytics came across. After getting some feedback from my friend Phil Brammer about the service, I decided to give it a try, and in less than 10 minutes I have created my Analytics account and my blog traffic being tracked. Today I reviewed the activity and I was amazed for the friendlier graphs and reports I got [1]. Here are few screen shots after 2 days of tracking:

However, it is worthy to point out that Microsoft is working in a service offer called Microsoft adCenter Analytics Registration that, to the best of my understanding, could be a major competitor of Google Analytics. If you want to give a try to the Miccrosoft offer, you have to fill out a registration and wait for a response (you can do it here), as it is till in Beta. I filled out mine and am waiting, I will report back when I get an answer.

*Disclaimer: I am a rookie blogger, have no idea about web traffic metrics or so, and get amazed very easy :)

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  1. Throug this blog I want to clear some confusion about DFT and CFT.

    ETL through Execute sql task vs step by step process in DFT like using lookups, data conversion etc.
    My question is we can do most of the ETL in CFT using Execute SQL task then what is the need of DFT task or advantage and disadvantage? I am talking about ETL process related any source database to SQL database.

    I am working on SSIS from last 1yr , in my projects I done all ETL process in CFT using Execute Sql task I didn't get any problem in that. can you tell me, is it correct way?


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