March 30, 2007

Some news in the SSIS Comunity

One of my colleagues at Mariner, John Welch, has started blogging about SSIS. I know John is leading most of our SSIS implementations and is currently working on an internal project where he is pushing SSIS to the next level. John's blog can be found at . You will see him very often in the SSIS MSDN forum

Phil Brammer, a moderator of the MSDN forums has revamped his blog. The new blog has a cooler look while keeping his great content. Want to visit him?

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  1. Hi Rafael

    Can you help me in moving files in separate folders.

    I have a folder " Source" in which i have few text files (1.txt, 2.txt , 3.txt etc)
    I have to move them into separate folders (not in 1 folder) like folder 1 which will have 1.txt,
    folder2 which will have 3.txt, folder3 which will have 3.txt. and so on.

    If you know somethng please let me know.




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